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Ambience lighting / Ambience lighting

Inspiration with light and nature is inexhaustible and always fascinating. Both the light and the nature are included in all aspects of our existence, build our lives, affect our moods and states, regulate our biological clock. It is therefore not surprising eternal interest of man to explore them, comprehend, curb. Tiss celebrates nature and it’s fruits - composed of natural solid wood and cherished with natural wax. Tiss celebrates work and dedication as well - it’s characteristic cylindrical chape inwokes traditional cellar equipment, specifically a wine press. The play of light and shadows, created by Tiss, passing throught the vertical blinds slats, gives special character and mood to the room it inhabits.


Technical Characteristics

Light source
Natural solid ashen wood
Protective transparent polycarbonate
Standard colors
Connecting luminaire
To connecting cable

Dimensions Technical sheets

Graph Illumination