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Light up your space!

Line Wall

Ambience lighting / Ambience lighting

Architecture and illumination express the quality of our living enviroment as well as our working space. In an enviroment where constant changes are happening with high dynamic, static concept of interior illumination and equipment aren’t harmonized. Changes are needed, flexibility and dynamic, which applies onto illumination as well. LINE offers lighting system which ideally fulfills the needs of specific enviroment. By combining direct and/or indirect illumination, light planning for various offices, conference spaces, halls, saloons, museums, shopping centers becomes not only possible but desireable.


Technical Characteristics

Light source
Extruded aluminium profile covered with thermal epoxy colour
Anti-glare "Cristal Ice" opal diffuser with homogenous effect
Standard colors
White, Grey, Black
Connecting luminaire
Connection clamps and all other electronic components avaliable at the back side of the luminaire

Dimensions Technical sheets

Graph Illumination