ELTOR COMPANY was founded in 1976. The core business consisted of the production of toroidal transformers. After lots of years of continuous development, the company today represents a renowned and recognized manufacturer of electrical equipment. The company operates in the commercial zone Ciburi in Pazin, on an area of 3.847m2.

In the year of 2009,the company was registered in the shipping register and owns the complete antivibrating, fire and electronic certificates in the segment.


 Year: Historilcal Event:
1976. Eltor was founded as a trade company.
1990. Because of the growth of the business, the company becomes an Ltd.
2003. With the increase of the output, a new modern training ground is being opened.
2008. With the continuous increase of the output, the company enlarges the facilities.
2009. The company imports the ISO 9001:2008 certificate, and enters the shipping register.